Message from the Desk of Vice Chancellor

Dr. Neerja Gupta

Vice Chancellor Gujarat University.

With a Vision of Thought and action leadership, Real World Applications, Integration of Technology and Industry and having a local and global perspective, B.K. School of Professional and Management Studies has taken a keen interest in developing student interest in the field of management-oriented research. Our commitment to foster a dynamic learning environment, grounded in innovation and inclusivity, is at the core of everything we do.

The Department of Business Intelligence at B.K. School is home to a talented faculty, dedicated staff, and ambitious students, all working together to create a better future while synergising with the Mission, Vision and Values. Through their wide range of academic programs with modernised syllabi, research initiatives, and community partnerships, we are shaping leaders who will make a positive impact in their fields and beyond.

I invite you to explore the website and discover the myriad opportunities available at Department of Business Intelligence at Gujarat University. Whether you are a student, faculty member, alumnus, or just a member, there is a place for you here to learn, grow, and contribute. Thank you for being a part of the Gujarat University community. Together, let us continue to strive for excellence and make a difference in the world.

Message from the Desk of Director

Prof. (Dr.) Prateek Kanchan

Director B.K. School of Professional and Management Studies, Gujarat University.

B.K. School of Professional and Management Studies is a spirit of innovation, collaboration, and excellence, we have always been acknowledged to develop a distinctive brand of leadership, equipped to address critical challenges faced by industry and society. With our strong determination and vision to develop students who meet the industry needs, our Department of Business Intelligence, is excelling in this genre, with modern syllabi and industry experienced faculties, students at BKBI learn from the best.

As the Director overseeing all departments, I am privileged to work alongside this talented team of faculty, staff, and students who are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and making a positive impact in their field. Our institute is committed to foster an environment that nurtures creativity, critical thinking, and lifelong learning. Through the constant efforts of all the students and faculties we at BKBI are a platform for students to learn through hands on practical experience and grow.

This has been achieved through capacity building in technical and soft skill, in order to make them capable of competing with peers in the corporate. In the last 45 years we have been triumphant in producing excellent leaders and entrepreneurs and the efforts in this context shall continue eternally.

I am confident that, together, we can continue to achieve great things and make a lasting difference in the world. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and I look forward to the exciting future that lies ahead.

Message from Head of the Department

Prof. (Dr.) Mamta Brahmbhatt

Head Department of Business Intelligence, B. K. School of Professional and Management Studies, Gujarat University.

In today's world where industries strive to take data driven decisions and also where the data is available readily, what’s missing is the people who can read the data, understand it and draw meaningful insights from it.

We are surrounded by Data, but starved for Insights

- Jay Baer

Bridging the same gap we at the Department of Business Intelligence, are dedicated to cater students with a conducive environment for learning, research, and innovation. A place where students learn with hands-on experience directly from the industry-expert. Our dedicated faculty members are constantly striving to impart quality education and develop future leaders in their respective fields.

Students here are empowered by providing a culture that emphasis attention to detail, persuasion & adaptability, managers with a strong of base of knowledge of the industry tools are nurtured in this environment. Our comprehensive curriculum is a perfect blend which encompasses tools and software needed by the industry with the soft – skills required at the managerial level. Thus, Department of Business Intelligence is a perfect choice for all those aspirants who are willing to stay updated as per current corporate scenario and learn new techniques of handling complex situations faced in different functional areas.

Through this website, we aim to keep you informed about our academic programs, faculty profiles, research projects, and upcoming news and events. We also encourage you to explore the various resources and facilities available to our students and faculty. I invite you to engage with us through this platform and stay connected with the vibrant community of DBI. Together, let's continue to strive for excellence and make a positive impact in our fields of study.

So all those who wish to shape, enhance and sharpen their managerial skills to stay relevant, upgraded and distinct in their corporate journey are welcomed to join our team