National Level Workshop on CYBER SECURITY ESSENTIALS Image Gallery

The comprehensive Lecture Series covered a spectrum of cutting-edge technologies, providing students with a holistic understanding of the evolving digital landscape. Expert-led sessions, hands-on demonstrations, and real-world case studies equipped students with valuable insights and practical skills, fostering a multidimensional perspective on the interconnected technologies shaping the future of digital innovation. The series not only addressed individual topics but also highlighted the synergies between these technologies, preparing students for the complex and integrated demands of the modern technological landscape. "Cyber Security Essentials" took the forefront on Day 4, addressing crucial aspects of safeguarding digital assets. Participants explored fundamental principles of cybersecurity, threat detection, and mitigation strategies, enhancing their understanding of protecting digital environments. The session was facilitated by expert faculty Prof. Neil Harwani, Director (HSOPC – Harwani Systems OPC Pvt. Ltd.) and Customer Success Architect at Liferay India.