Orientation 2022 - THE IMBA ROUTE Image Gallery

The Department's Student Orientation Week was a dynamic and engaging introduction to academic journey for IMBA Students. Designed to ease their transition and maximize the university experience, the week featured a warm welcome from faculty, informative sessions on academic excellence, opportunities to meet department members, and insights into research and student life. This week set the foundation for a successful and enriching time within the academic community. Day 3 of Orientation Week took students on a fascinating exploration of the Integrated Master of Business Administration (IMBA) route, providing a glimpse into the unique opportunities and global perspectives awaiting our students. Session began with a comprehensive overview of the IMBA program by Dr. Jay Pandya, Director, Administration, Development and Admission, Shreyarth University, delving into its integrated structure and the array of specialized courses that enrich the understanding of global business dynamics. Students were introduced to a world of possibilities, emphasizing the global engagement that defines the IMBA experience. The Networking Session with Faculty provided valuable one-on-one interactions, answering queries and offering insights into the support available within the integrated MBA framework. Day 3 was a resounding success, leaving students with a profound understanding of the integrated MBA route and its potential to shape their academic and professional journey. As we move forward, the IMBA community is primed for a transformative experience that seamlessly integrates business education on a global scale.