Orientation 2022 - UNIVERSITY IN AND OUT Image Gallery

The Department's Student Orientation Week was a dynamic and engaging introduction to academic journey for IMBA Students. Designed to ease their transition and maximize the university experience, the week featured a warm welcome from faculty, informative sessions on academic excellence, opportunities to meet department members, and insights into research and student life. This week set the foundation for a successful and enriching time within the academic community. The first day of our Orientation 2022 - University In and Out: Campus Tour was a resounding success! We began the morning with a warm welcome from our facilitators Mr. Ketan Solanki and Mr. Jaydeep Solanki, setting the tone for an exciting exploration of Gujarat University Campus. We navigated through key academic buildings, immersing ourselves in the vibrant learning spaces, state-of-the-art lecture halls, and faculty offices. The libraries were a highlight, showcasing the wealth of resources available to support research and study. The afternoon took us to recreational areas, sports facilities, and popular student hangout spots, emphasizing the importance of a balanced academic and extracurricular lifestyle. Visiting student services centres, including the registrar's office and career services, provided valuable insights into the support available for students. A lively Q&A session throughout the day allowed students to seek clarification and further insights, enhancing their understanding of the campus environment. The first day was not only informative but also created a sense of excitement and community among our new students.