The Executive Development Programme on Natural Language Processing (NLP) was a comprehensive initiative designed to equip students with a profound understanding of NLP fundamentals and advanced techniques. Throughout the program, students explored the significance of NLP, got to learn key concepts such as tokenization and sentiment analysis, and gained hands-on experience through practical demonstrations. The curriculum extended to learning advanced NLP techniques, including machine translation and named entity recognition, providing students with a holistic view of the transformative capabilities of NLP. Industry insights from expert Prof. V. Chandramohan shed light on how NLP is revolutionizing in various sectors, offering valuable perspectives on career opportunities in this evolving field. The program also aimed to enhance technical proficiency but also encouraged interactive learning through a Q&A session, fostering collaborative discussions among students. At the end of the session students had a solid foundation in NLP, practical skills, and insights into the vast potential of this technology across different industries. This Executive Development Programme served as a gateway for students to navigate and excel in the dynamic field of Natural Language Processing.