Webinar on Heritage Tourism in Gujarat Image Gallery

Daily newspaper Divya Bhaskar has covered the news of webinar on "Heritage Tourism in Gujarat" on the occasion of Gujarat Foundation Day organised by Department of Business Intelligence, BK School of Professional and Management Studies. COVID pandemic has not only affected the mankind but also influenced every industry and every sector. One of the sectors that has been affected the most by this pandemic is TOURISM. The lockdown and other precautionary measures that needed to be taken during this pandemic has impacted industry badly. Owing to COVID people are forced to remain in their own geographical boundaries. They cannot go abroad and domestic tourism is the only way to keep the sector going. The webinar discussed about the Tourism industry of Gujarat state before pandemic and how the state is blessed with inspiring history, culture and architecture. It had a discussion on what is it meant by – Heritage Tourism and various places in Gujarat which promotes it. The webinar also talked about the New Heritage Tourism Policy 20-25, declared by the state of Gujarat and how it can help in putting the state on ‘World Tourism Map’. The webinar helped the young minds in understanding the importance of tourism industry in promoting the wellbeing of the state and the nation. Dr. Anupama Dave –Assistant Professor from Navrachana University (Vadodara) has addressed the audience online.